I'm Here For You
I'm here to generate more productivity for your business, with edited deliverables set to your standards.
I'm Here For You
I'm here to meet your deadlines, with stellar turnaround time and open communication lines. Together, we ensure cohesive stylization for modern storytelling and ultimate client satisfaction.
I'm Here For You
I'm here because of the vacation to Thailand you slated for November - hand those catalogs over for some actual R&R.
I'm Here For You
I’m here because you might not love or have time for the editing process. You love the action of production, crafting perfect shots, and delivering amazing results. I’m here because I get it. Send all those beauties my way for polished deliverables.

Custom Photo Editing

Editing partnerships offer boutique services for lifestyle, wedding, adventure, product, and event photography. I believe in elevating your style, your way, for modern and consistent deliverables. 

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Boutique Stylization

  • Killer Color Correction & Cohesion
  • Detailed Cropping & Straightening
  • Modern Retouching & Blemish Removal
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Reliable Partnership

  • Stellar Turnaround Times
  • Open Communication & Feedback
  • Automated Contracts & Streamlined Client Portal

Custom Collaboration

  • Guaranteed Style Match
  • Intuitive Preset Development
  • Customizable Pricing Packages

The Partnership Process

I N T R O D U C E  Y O U R S E L F

Teach me about your business and what you’d like to achieve within an editing partnership. 

E S T A B L I S H  Y O U R  N E E D S 

What’s your busiest season this year? Are you looking for consistent weekly deliverables or will your needs vary project-by-project?

L O C K  I N  Y O U R  S T Y L E

Describe your current muse and where you want your portfolio to be over the next year. Already have your presets locked? Send them my way. Looking for a little assistance transitioning from a polished digital look to a classic film grain? Let’s make it happen.

P A R T N E R  U P

In a partnership, I’m able to truly lean in to your work, ensuring every edit matches the creative goals of your business. Partnership invites dialogue and consistent communication to ensure deliverable expectations are met. I’m not an editing house or a fancy line of code, I’m a creative human being who loves to connect and collaborate just like you do. I automate uploads and contracts for ease, but my inbox is always open for connecting over your concerns about lighting and your favorite parts of your busiest shoots. 

I’m Alli. West Coast raised, I learned my manners in the middle of the US and am currently the nicest human in Los Angeles. I’m an interdisciplinary artist, at my happiest when immersed in a challenging project. Challenges sometimes involve scraps of cardboard and messy black ink or simply knowing when to incrementally boost shadows to balance out a dark image.

I’ve been working in photography and image editing for 10+ years. I’ve had the privilege of working within diverse creative teams and partnerships: from an upland-hunting publication, to wedding photography duos, to non-profit film programs, to boutique editing partnerships. My most niche editing adventure to date was proofing thousands of Christmas card photos for 10 hours a day. Just call me your trusty editing elf.

I’m an 8 on the Enneagram, a very worthy Settlers of Catan opponent, and a baby rock climber. To balance out my challenger personality, I try to make everything in my life smell like sage or lavender. When I’m not burrowed in a Lightroom Catalogue, you’ll find me illustrating houseplants and eyeballs, making harmony driven electro-pop music, teaching graphic design at an inner-city arts organization, hiking through the Angeles Forest, or hooked on the latest murder podcast series.

Questions & Answers

As a freelance editor, I partner with professional photographers and agencies who’s vision aligns with mine: uplift humanity. I know what I don’t enjoy: unnaturally air-brushed faces and photoshop collage nightmares. I enjoy human-centric, authentic imagery. I’m not interested in making women skinnier or over-processing a solid shot. I’m interested in elevating, accentuating, sharpening, emboldening, emphasizing, and nurturing the good work already being put out in the world.

Partnerships are limited to maintain a personalized and dependable scheduled workload. I love working with new creative humans – dependent on the frequency of your need, there is always room for a conversation about a new partnership.

Style cohesion and consistency are my number one goals for your albums. Partnership includes customized preset development (if needed) to ensure your style can be replicated in distinct lighting and environments. 

What do you need? I’m here if you’re interested in style consultation, more intensive culling/editing packaging, or simply want feedback on a few frames.

Minimum turnaround time for an approved basic edit is 2 weeks. All scheduling and project approval is automated for ease.

Please Note: Due to client scope and my personal dedication to work/life balance , expedited turnaround times are no longer available. However, please be generous with your communication and let me know your needs. Sometimes we can sync up in awesome ways! 

I work with all kinds of good humans with distinct and diverse needs. Whether you’re a boutique wedding photographer or a creative adventure agency, I’m here to chase down your waterfalls and ensure those edits have the perfect color pop to elevate your work. 

Partnership Pricing

All 1k+ catalogs require custom project pricing. 

A standard (pre-culled) edit includes color/light correction, cropping, straightening, minor retouching (desaturating or removing distracting portions of the image, minor blemish removal, etc.), duplicated B&W edits on select images (per your preferences), and final finishing. 

When submitting your photographs, please explain any beyond-standard editing needs: intensive retouching, culling, or composite images.

I can’t wait to learn more about you and dive in on your next edit. I’m here for you!